What is NACLO?

NACLO (North American Computational Linguistics Open Competition) is a national competition for students in grades 6-12. You’ll get to solve puzzles about language for a chance to win a spot to represent the US in the International Linguistics Olympiad. No prior knowledge of linguistics or a second language is necessary!

What is computational linguistics?

Computational linguistics (or CL) is the science of understanding human language using logic, computer algorithms, and math. It is all around us! You use CL whenever you use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo, and many other websites and applications. Here are some examples of computational linguistics in action.

How do I register?

Registration is done through the national website here. Registration is free for all high school and middle school students.

When is it?

Practice session

A previous Linguistics Olympiad winner is hosting a free virtual practice session to prepare for the competition on December 10, 2020. More details here.

First round competition (open to all)

When: Thursday, January 28, 2021
Where: Online
Register: Click here to register

Second round competition (invitational)

If you advance past the first round, you will be invited to participate in the Invitational Round, which will be held on Thursday, March 11, 2021.

International Linguistics Olympiad

Winners of the invitational round (only a handful from around the country) are invited to represent the United States in the International Linguistic Olympiad, which will be held July 19-23, 2021.

More Information

Please also check the NACLO national organization website for more information, including how to register, and resources for practicing for the competition.